Connect Global
Sep 27, 2023


In life’s boundless sea, we set our sail,
No backward glances, no regret’s to unveil.
Forward, we march, our heads held high,
In peace we move, toward open sky.

The past, a chapter, lessons learned well,
Now onward, upward, stories of impact to tell.
With courage at the helm, we chart our way,
Embracing the call of a brand-new day.

No heavy burdens, no anchors to bear,
Just dreams and hopes, with love we’ll share.
Each step a melody, a dance of grace,
As we journey forward, completing our race.

Through valleys and peaks, steadily we climb,
In every moment, we’ll make the most of time.
Filled with compassion, our next action is set,
Moving onward and upward, no room for regret.

Photo by Artem Verbo on Unsplash



Connect Global

We desire to see people positively affected by sustainable projects and for us all to have a better outlook on the globe. @iConnectGlobal