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Nahun and Edenia Flores

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5 min readSep 5, 2023

by Pastor Nahun Flores, Connect Global Strategic Partner

Approximately 80 years ago, the Tocamacho community in the eastern Honduran Caribbean witnessed the arrival of two remarkable American missionaries, Robert and Ana Atwood. Both were skilled medical doctors who dedicated their days to healing the sick and their nights to spreading the Gospel.

These dedicated missionaries found shelter and hospitality in the home of my grandparents, Amado and Carmela Salgado. Through the Atwoods, my grandparents discovered a profound connection with God, leaving a lasting legacy of faith that would be passed down through the generations, ultimately reaching me, my brothers, and my mother. Today, I am proud to continue this legacy, passing on the teachings of Jesus to my own children.

I still vividly recall a moment from my childhood when, at the age of 6, I joined my brothers in singing hymns in the living room of our home. It was during this gathering that I experienced the Holy Spirit’s presence for the first time, filling me with an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude. As I progressed through my education, my father took us to the City of La Ceiba to further our studies from 7th to 12th grade. However, during those years, my brothers and I strayed into worldly temptations, experimenting with alcohol and drugs.

Yet, God, in His boundless grace, intervened once more when I was 22 years old. I had another profound encounter with the Holy Spirit, leading me to tears of joy and delivering me from the chains of my past. As a recent convert, I grappled with my purpose and embarked on a 3-day, 3-night period of fasting and prayer to seek divine guidance.

During this time of spiritual introspection, God spoke to me through an unexpected messenger — a man who had never met me and knew nothing of my fasting and prayers. He revealed that I was being called to become a pastor in the city of Trujillo. This divine calling marked the beginning of a remarkable journey. I started my pastoral work with just four members in the Church of God in Trujillo, and over the course of 6 years, our congregation grew to 52 devoted individuals.

One night, the Holy Spirit communicated with me through a dream, revealing that my wife of 26 years was the ideal companion for my ministry. Astonishingly, she had also received a similar revelation in a dream, affirming that I would come to ask for her hand in marriage. At that time, she was serving as the youth leader in the church I was pastoring.

In the year 2000, I had another significant dream where an elderly man with white hair visited my home and requested my assistance for a task. Before revealing the details of the task, I spontaneously uttered the word “Cusuna.” To my amazement, the man smiled and confirmed that I was indeed being called to Cusuna, though I would have to wait for the right moment.

Six months later, Bishop Alfonso Galeas, my territorial pastor, contacted me and informed me that a group of missionaries from the United States, who had established a clinic and were constructing a temple in Cusuna, were in need of a Garifuna pastor. Remarkably, I was the only one fluent in the Garifuna language within the Church of God. It was a moment of divine confirmation, echoing the dream I had months earlier.

First Mission trip with MorningStar Church to Cusuna Honduras where we first met Pastor Nahun and Edenia

I embarked on my second pastoral endeavor in Cusuna, where I remained for 14 years. During this time, we also founded two additional churches, one in my hometown of Tocamacho and a children’s church in the community of La Punta. Cusuna became a hub for missions, hosting four mission groups from the United States each year. Among these groups were Ard Missions, affiliated with the Church of God in Tennessee, as well as churches from Virginia and Florida, including Bridgeway Church and MorningStar of Tampa, led by Pastor Tony Byrd, the grandson of Ard Missions’ founder. Through these missions, I had the pleasure of meeting Javier and Danielle Mendoza, who faithfully visited each year.

Pastor Nahun as he teaches with us on Connect Global Mission Trip to Nacaome Honduras.

Eight years ago, my family and I returned to the city of Trujillo, where we embarked on the founding of our fifth church among the Garifuna ethnic group in Honduras. I am profoundly grateful to Connect Global for their steadfast monthly support of our ministry in this region. With their assistance, we can dedicate more time and resources to expanding the kingdom of heaven in this place.

Javier and Danielle Mendoza with Nahun and Ededia at their church in Trujillo

Our vision extends beyond borders, aiming to disciple as many individuals as possible so they can, in turn, spread the message of Christ to the far corners of the earth. In pursuit of this mission, we also have plans to establish a rehabilitation center for individuals battling addiction to alcohol and drugs.

As we undertake these ambitious endeavors, we humbly request your prayers and support. The work entrusted to us is not possible without the collaboration of the global community. Ultimately, we recognize that all honor and glory belong to the one who dwells in light inaccessible to mortals. Join us in this inspiring journey as we continue to spread the love and teachings of Jesus, making a lasting impact on the lives we touch.

Pastor Nahun and his Family just outside of Cusuna Honduras

Pastor Nahun is a long time friend and strategic partner of Connect Global. He and his family were one of the first families we served alongside and partnered with all the way back to 2004 when introduced to us through our work with MorningStar Church from Tampa. He has planted and grown churches across the northern coast of Honduras for 3 decades. He is a regular contributer to ‘The Connection’ a magazine by Connect Global.



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