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By Pastor Nahun Flores, Connect Global Strategic Partner

In the Word of God and specifically in the book of Philippians in chapter 3 and verses 12 to 14 it says: “Not that I have already reached it, nor that it is already perfect; but I continue, to see if I manage to grasp what for which I was also seized by Christ Jesus. Brethren, I myself do not claim to have already reached it; but one thing I do: certainly forgetting what lies behind and reaching out to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal, for the prize of the upward call of God in Jesus Christ.”

This passage tells us specifically about how to obtain the prize of eternal life that God offers us through his beloved son Jesus. In the first place, the apostle Paul makes it very clear that his pilgrimage through this life has been proposed to continue to see if he manages to seize the prize despite his imperfection since for that purpose Christ took hold of him.

Secondly, he says that even though he still does not seem to have reached it, he was doing one thing, and here is the key so that we can be able to strengthen our hearts in the beautiful promises of the Lord and that is, certainly forgetting all sin past, forget all bad spiritual habits, forget all conformism, leave everything behind and extend to what lies ahead, we know that the road is narrow, trials, struggles and temptations will come, but in the end we will have victory if we persevere in reaching the goal.

Finally, no matter what comes into our lives, no matter what comes into this world, even if the heavens fall, our faith must be unshakable, it is our duty to continue to the goal against all odds, this must be ours greater objective, to obtain the prize and reach the final goal, to the prize of the supreme calling of our God in Christ Jesus. May we propose to continue trusting in the Word of God for our lives, knowing that nothing and no one can prevent his abundant grace from filling us with his love, his goodness and his mercy.

Pastor Nahun and His Family

Pastor Nahun is a long time friend and strategic partner of Connect Global. He and his family were one of the first families we served alongside and partnered with all the way back to 2004 when introduced to us through our work with MorningStar Church from Tampa. He has planted and grown churches across the northern coast of Honduras for 3 decades. He is a regular contributer to ‘The Connection’ a magazine by Connect Global.



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